Chad Bodin, RPh

We quickly discovered that there was an urgent need in our area for specialty care and knew that partnering with KloudScript would be the solution to providing our patients with personalized, local specialty care. Our partnership ensures that our patients, in all communities, achieve desired, cost-effective outcomes.

Briana Fluhrer, PharmD

With KloudScript, we have the guidance and knowledge from people with a lot of experience in the specialty industry. All of this enables us to provide excellent customer service and care to patients in our community.

Jonathan Grice, PharmD

With KloudScript, we have increased the level of care to our patients with complex disease states. Our pharmacists are enabled to provide superior clinical knowledge and disease-state specific consultation and education to all of our patients.

Anthony Panici, RPh

KSPA is a true pharmacy partnering program that allows retail pharmacies to stay in the rapid growing specialty market place. It’s an excellent system working with a full team of experienced staff for all the hurdles and prior authorizations that are required. Independent Pharmacy plus KSPA = Winning Combination!

I had a lot of questions about my new HCV treatment, I’m pleased that my pharmacist was knowledgeable about my treatment and I’m grateful for all the help in getting it approved.

I’m so thankful for your help, my son was not going to be able to get his medication on time from mail order, thank you for going the extra mile with my insurance so I could get it filled locally.

I’m so happy that my injection training and support for getting my medication approved is provided at my pharmacy.

I love the convenience, the assurance that any problem can be resolved locally, and that my local specialty team is constantly monitoring my refill schedule. It’s a blessing.

You have no idea how much I appreciate what you do.

Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful, Mighty Good, Outstanding.

I am not nervous anymore … You don’t know what this means to me.

‘Your PCC is SO nice!’ and very helpful – the process is much quicker & better with your pharmacy than with the competitors on the Harvoni! I can’t believe how much faster the process has been with you.  It could take a month or more with other pharmacies we have tried.  Hooray team!

No need to thank me – you guys do all the work.

You went ‘above and beyond’ to make sure the patient and our office were taken care of even when the script had to be transferred.

Thank you for expediting the process and preventing non-compliance.