Rinku A. Patel, PharmD

Rinku A. Patel, PharmD, is a registered pharmacist and an entrepreneur dedicated to simplifying the pharmacy care experience for patients using specialty medications. Dr. Patel believes in the fundamental principal of providing patients with the choice to select their pharmacy and their pharmacist for their medications and pharmaceutical care needs. The industry-imposed use of poly-pharmacy on patients ultimately results in poor medication adherence and sub-optimal health outcomes, as a result of increased complexity and disorganized care coordination. The pharmacy and health care industry stakeholders must accept and realize their responsibility to patients in reducing their barriers to access and giving them the choice of One Pharmacy Home.TM

Dr. Patel is the founder and CEO of KloudScript, Inc. Through KloudScript, her mission is to improve the patient experience by using technology to enable the next generation of care coordination between various industry stakeholders such as prescribers, payors, pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmacies. She has built the largest Specialty Performance Network that uses KloudScript’s accredited processes, innovative technology platform, and a comprehensive One Pharmacy HomeTM care model to provide patients a simplified but comprehensive care experience at a community pharmacy of their choice. KloudScript has pioneered the ultimate solution for patients’ desire for local care and community pharmacies’ strategic need to participate in the fastest growing segment of pharmacy, ultimately resulting in opportunities for Payors and Pharma to embrace the retail channel through a partnership with KloudScript, Inc.

Previous to KloudScript, Inc. Dr. Patel was the Group Vice President of Business Development at Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy. She was responsible for the development of business strategy and technology solutions contributing to the growth and transformation of Diplomat. Over the last 15 years, Dr. Patel has been instrumental in helping organizations build innovative specialty care service models. Prior to Diplomat, Dr. Patel served as the Director of Pharma Relations at OptionCare, Inc. She was responsible for procurement and trade relations for OptionCare’s home infusion and specialty pharmacy divisions. Dr. Patel has held several management positions at Caremark (now CVS/Caremark) in the areas of trade relations, procurement, and technology development in addition to her tenure at Walgreens servicing patients at retail pharmacies.

Dr. Patel earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy and her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Midwestern University, Chicago, Illinois.