KloudScript’s Specialty Pharmacy
Support Center is Your Solution

Community pharmacies that lack the capacity to offer their patient's services are usually unable to fill prescriptions that secure coverage and reduce their out-of-pocket cost for specialty medications. A pharmacy loses more than just a specialty prescription when their patient is turned away to a competitor. Pharmacies need assistance to navigate the unchartered territory of filling specialty prescriptions.

Let KloudScript help you with our Specialty Pharmacy Support Center! Our center is designed to allow you to rely on our team’s expertise to quickly find a solution for all your needs.

Comprehensive Specialty Pharmacy Support Center

Our support center will provide comprehensive information and expertise on general inquiries related to specialty pharmaceuticals, payor coverage, or patient assistance programs.

  • Product &
    Therapeutic Category
  • REMS /Limited
    Distribution Drugs
  • Clinical Inquiries
  • Strategic Prescriber
  • Prior Authorizations
    & Appeals
  • Patient Assistance
    Program Expertise
  • Accreditation
  • Specialty Pharmacy

KloudScript’s Hub Services

Our support center is designed to not only answer questions but actually do the work for you!
With our hub services team’s expertise and our innovative technology, KETU®, our specialists can facilitate a resolution of
adjudication rejects, prior authorizations, appeals management, and navigate different ways to reduce high out of pocket costs for patients!

Prior Authorizations

Expert clinical review of
statement of medical necessity
to meet authorization
requirements and detailed
tracking of the outcome!

Appeals Management

Clinically driven letters and
literature used for denial
overturns and comprehensive
support of all levels
of authorization reviews.

Patient Assistance Programs

We can assist the patient
and the providers in
securing available financial
resources to reduce out
of pocket costs.

RxWiseTM Patient Assistance Programs

Help your patients lower their out-of-pocket costs and retain them in your pharmacies!

  • Bridge Program Enrollment
  • Free Drug Program Enrollment for Uninsured
  • Copay Cards to Reduce Out of Pocket Cost
  • Foundation Assistance for Medicare & Medicaid Insured Patients
  • Patient Treatment Support
  • Free Drug Program Enrollment
  • Co-Pay Card Support
  • Foundation Support

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