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Our Prescriber Portal is Designed to Transform Prescribing and Communication Processes

ProntoRx’s Prior Authorization Strategy

ProntoRx® enables prescribers to initiate the referral process by removing barriers of access and affordability for patients using our data-driven tools and prior auth guidelines. Our expert Benefit Coordinators facilitate authorization requests to expedite therapy initiation and minimize financial burdens. ProntoRx® provides real-time status updates to prescribers about patient’s prescriptions and allows for streamlined two-way communication with the hub for solving utilization management challenges throughout the patient journey.


91% of physicians report that the PA process delays patients from receiving their prescribed treatments and increases therapy abandonment resulting in poor outcomes.* The ProntoRx® platform facilitates collaboration between our hub and the prescriber office to obtain prior authorizations swiftly and efficiently.

Administrative Burden

86% of physicians report the administrative burden associated with PAs is extremely high.* Let ProntoRx® and our hub team handle the workload and reduce time to therapy while focusing office resources only on providing clinical care to the patient. ProntoRx® provides clear and concise lists of clinical criteria required for PA approvals by the majority of payors, so information is provided upfront and we can expedite therapy onboarding.

Improve Patient
Clinical Outcomes

ProntoRx® helps expedite PA management and approval process, shortens time to therapy, and as a result eliminates treatment abandonment. Patients getting the prescribed therapy in a timely manner enables immediate disease management and improves quality of life for patients.

Designed for Prescribers With Patient Care In Mind

Prescriber Resources

  • Review

    Review PA Guidelines to Ensure Expedient Approvals

  • Access

    Access To Disease State-Specific Referral Forms for Patient Care

  • Learn

    Learn With Easy Training Guides and Tutorials On How To Navigate ProntoRx®

Status Queue

  • Communicate

    Receive And Send Quick And Secure Updates About Patients, Prescriptions, Authorization Requests, and Outcomes

  • Delegate

    Delegate Account Access to Authorize Users That Support Your Patients

  • Support

    Get In Touch With Our ProntoRx® Support Team To Quickly Address All of Your Needs

*Source: American Medical Associaton. 2019 AMA Prior Authorization Physician Survey.