You Send, We Coordinate.

Patient gets more than a mailbox! TM

KloudScript Pharmacy Network Provides Access to
Specialty Medications and Support in Your Local Community

KloudScript manages the specialty benefits investigation activities by working with insurance companies
on behalf of the prescribers. The local pharmacy handles the dispensing process and the face-to-face patient interaction,
thereby providing a better patient experience.

You Send

  • Enrollment form to us by fax-alt

    Enrollment form to us by fax

  • Provide a prescription to the patient

    Prescription with patient to local pharmacy

  • ePrescribe



KloudScript & Pharmacy Will Coordinate

  • Benefit Investigation

    Benefit Investigation

  • Prior Authorization

    Prior Authorization

  • Appeals Assistance

    Appeals Management

  • Co-pay Card Utilization

    Co-Pay Card Utilization

  • Foundation Application Support

    Foundation Application Support

  • Patient Assistance Program Enrollment

    Patient Assistance Program Enrollment

Patient Gets…More Than a Mailbox TM

  • Access to pharmacist for urgent needs, questions, or medication management.
  • Personal one-on-one injection training from a pharmacist.
  • Choice of pick up at local pharmacy, delivery to patient’s home or to your office.
  • One Pharmacy HomeTM for all patients' medication and pharmacy needs.

END RESULT – Specialty Care...Better…Faster...and Closer to PatientsTM

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Our clients sayOur clients say

  • 'Your PCC is SO nice!' and very helpful - the process is much quicker & better with your pharmacy than with the competitors on the Harvoni! I can’t believe how much faster the process has been with you.  It could take a month or more with other pharmacies we have tried.  Hooray team!

  • No need to thank me - you guys do all the work.

  • You went 'above and beyond' to make sure the patient and our office were taken care of even when the script had to be transferred.

  • Thank you for expediting the process and preventing non-compliance.

  • Please let us know when Simponi is available to you. We want patient to get at local pharmacy.  We appreciate everything you do.

  • Can’t believe you got this for the patient so quickly.  Thanks. You guys are the best.

Therapies ServicedTherapies Serviced