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Your Pharmacy, Your Business.TM

You provide specialty medications,
you keep your patients.

A Comprehensive Solution to Help You Do What You Do Best...
Face to Face Patient Care!

KloudScript, in partnership with independent community pharmacies, provides a specialty care solution that
improves the patient experience by providing the necessary strategic and administrative functions while allowing
the pharmacy to do what it does best – provide personal attention to patients.

Targeted Comprehensive Solution

  • KloudScript

    Training and Education

    To prepare your staff for patient engagement

  • KloudScript

    Efficient Implementation

    To jump start your specialty program

  • KloudScript

    Sales & Marketing Strategy

    Fully integrated with our specialty programs

  • KloudScript

    Strategic Business Development

    With Payors & Pharma

  • KloudScript

    Prescription and Patient Care Management

    Through our state of the art cloud based technology solution - KETUTM

  • KloudScript

    Hub Support

    For faster turnaround times and better patient experience

END RESULT – Specialty Care...Better…Faster...and Closer to Patients TM

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Our clients sayOur clients say

  • With KloudScript, we have increased the level of care to our patients with complex disease states. Our pharmacists are enabled to provide superior clinical knowledge and disease-state specific consultation and education to all of our patients.

    - Jonathan Grice, PharmD

    Hometown Pharmacies, VP of Pharmacy

  • With KloudScript, we have the guidance and knowledge from people with a lot of experience in the specialty industry. All of this enables us to provide excellent customer service and care to patients in our community.

    - Briana Fluhrer, PharmD

    Gateway Pharmacy, CEO

  • We quickly discovered that there was an urgent need in our area for specialty care and knew that partnering with KloudScript would be the solution to providing our patients with personalized, local specialty care. Our partnership ensures that our patients, in all communities, achieve desired, cost-effective outcomes.

    - Chad Bodin, RPh

    Neighbors Pharmacy, Owner

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