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Access Points,  where the Patients Choose.

Patients prefer to get their prescriptions filled at their local pharmacy.

Prescribers prefer to work with their trusted local pharmacist.

Specialty Care Close to Home TM

Partnered with experienced specialty pharmacy infrastructure and services, our network pharmacies provide full industry reporting and faster turnaround times while eliminating onboarding hurdles to produce a better patient care experience!

Same Specialty Patient Care Process, Executed Where the Patient Prefers

KloudScript and its pharmacy partners adhere to the highest level of performance and quality to provide a consistent care experience for patients and prescribers. We achieve process compliance through our hub support services and our cloud based technology platform, KETU ®.

  • Flexible Referral Options

    Flexible Referral Options

  • Benefit Investigation

    Benefit Investigation

  • Prior Authorization

    Prior Authorization

  • Appeals Assistance

    Appeals Assistance

  • Patient Assistance Program Enrollment

    Patient Assistance Program Enrollment

  • Co-pay Card Utilization

    Co-pay Card Utilization

  • Foundation Application Support

    Foundation Application Support

  • Warm Transfer of Prescriptions When Mandated

    Warm Transfer of Prescriptions When Mandated

  • Face to Face Pharmacist Consult

    Face to Face Pharmacist Consult

  • Injection Training Assistance in Pharmacy

    Injection Training Assistance in Pharmacy

  • Automated Refill Reminders

    Automated Refill Reminders

  • Non-compliance Notifications to Prescribers

    Non-compliance Notifications to Prescribers

KloudScript Provides Efficient Distribution Model with Personalized Care

  • Patients can use their local independent retail pharmacy to receive education, side effect counseling, drug administration training, and support from a pharmacist with whom they have an established relationship.
  • Local continuity of care can allow for quicker discovery and management of adverse drug reactions, side effects, and comprehensive communication with the prescriber.
  • Patients’ proximity to local pharmacists will have a significant impact on the care experience and should yield superior clinical outcomes.

END RESULT – Specialty Care...Better…Faster...and Closer to Patients TM

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