Ongoing Care…

We will provide refill reminder calls and inquire about your progress each time your medication is due to help keep you on track.

After Pick-up…

You are just a phone call away… Or simply stop by to talk to the pharmacist face-to-face!

For more information on your prescribed medication, click here!

Extra Support for Your
Specialty Meds

We will enroll you in any manufacturer programs available for your prescribed medications to help you manage your therapy and provide free resources to
improve outcomes.

Help with Lowering Your
Out-of-pocket Costs

For eligible patients, we will obtain co-pay cards to reduce your out of pocket costs. For those that are not eligible, we can help you get additional funds from foundations.

Prior Authorization &
Appeal Support

Because specialty medications are expensive, insurance companies may impose prior authorization before use. We’ll obtain these authorizations on your behalf.