Inside Sales Representative


The Inside Sales Representative (ISR) is responsible for selling KloudScript’s services models to pharmacy owners across the country and why providing specialty pharmaceutical services and specialty care is critical to their long-term survival. Your job will be to present the specialty solution for these pharmacy owners and ensure a smooth sales process. The ISR must be friendly, well-spoken and ready to seal the deal! Additionally, the ISR will attend and present our services to pharmacy owners at Conferences and Network Events. The KloudScript Sales Team will provide you with comprehensive and ongoing training to familiarize you with our products, services, and technology as well as with all aspects of the sales cycle. From there, your success will be driven by your personal motivation, persistence, and ability to connect with prospective clients to build concrete pharmacy network development.


Patient Care Coordinator


KloudScript Patient Care Coordinator (PCC) is responsible for working under the direction of Hub Management to provide daily support for KloudScript’s network of pharmacy partners under different business models. The Patient Care Coordinator will perform all duties entirely related to patient interaction and coordination between various stakeholders and will perform the duties of a Benefit Coordinator as needed and directed by Hub Management.


Pharmacy Technician – Benefits Coordinator


Benefits Coordinator is responsible for partnering with physician offices while working under the direction of a department lead/supervisor/manager. He/she will be responsible for coordinating care, communication, and processes between various stakeholders such as pharmacies, patients, prescribers, payors and other third parties.