KloudScript™, Inc Specialty Network Now Supporting Women’s Health with Endometriosis Program

KloudScript’s Innovative Specialty-at-Retail Model Announces Therapeutic Category Expansion

OAKBROOK TERRACE, IL – KloudScript™, Inc., a community-led specialty pharmacy care network, announces the expansion of their accredited portfolio of therapeutic categories to include Women’s Health with Endometriosis, which is inclusive of the latest FDA approved medication. Endometriosis is a condition that affects at least 11% of women of reproductive age, in the United States, who suffer from moderate to severe pain, infertility, digestive complications, and bleeding.

An estimated 6.5 million women in the United States have Endometriosis, making it the third leading cause of gynecologic hospitalizations1. KloudScript’s specialty-at-retail network can provide care to these patients locally and reduce the economic burden associated with Endometriosis.

KloudScript pharmacy partners provide care to patients locally; while KloudScript provides the necessary strategy, infrastructure and support services, including financial case management through its hub to operate a specialty program that provides a better patient care experience than mail order specialty pharmacies. KloudScript’s patient care management platform, KETU™, drives compliance and quality of care through consistency in hub services and pharmacy operations, while capturing the data necessary to track trends and business intelligence, critical to various industry stakeholders. Through KETU™, all pharmacists are provided with comprehensive clinical training and patient consultative tools, which not only meet the rigorous standards of quality and specialty care, but also provide for an engaged patient with every fill of a prescription. “Our team at KloudScript works to provide our pharmacy partners the clinical and care management programs and tools to be clinically competent to support quality patient interactions,” said Anthony Sartoris, Chief Strategy Officer of KloudScript.

About KloudScript™, Inc.

KloudScript is a community-led specialty pharmacy network. We partner with community retail pharmacies nationwide and collaborate with pharmaceutical manufacturers, payors, and prescribers to make specialty medications available locally for patients. Headquartered in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, KloudScript’s health technology platform, hub support services, and national network of community retail pharmacy partners enable patients to have a single, local pharmacy home for medications and personalized care. Learn more about KloudScript’s growing community-led specialty pharmacy network at www.kloudscript.com.