KloudScript Announces a Specialty Services Solutions Portal for Community


KloudScript, in partnership with community pharmacies, provides a specialty care solution that improves the patient experience by providing the necessary technology, program strategy, and support services that allow pharmacies to do what they do best, provide comprehensive care and personal attention to patients!

KloudScript’s Solutions Portal has been introduced to enable pharmacies that need support with specialty medications to lean on KloudScript’s expertise. This portal is the first of its kind and leading in the industry to offer an online subscription of specialty services that are comprised of three offerings that can be chosen. The KloudScript Specialty Pharmacy Support Center is available as a subscription service to facilitate resolution of financial case management services such as coordination of complex Prior Authorizations, Appeals, and a myriad of Patient Assistance Programs offered to expedite the patient onboarding. Through the support center, pharmacies can also request assistance on resolution of needs related to drug access, payor coverage, benefits investigation, or medication-related questions that a pharmacist may need support with in order to help their patients access and receive specialty medications in their pharmacies.

Other services available for subscriptions include Prescriber Engagement & Accreditation Program Management Services. It is imperative that pharmacies focus on engaging with local prescribers to effectively manage their patients. Our Prescriber Engagement Services offer a sales strategy and market intelligence that allows pharmacies to develop relationships with prescribers and grow their patient base. KloudScript also offers partnerships with accreditation organizations to help pharmacies navigate the process of specialty and community accreditation. Through our experienced team and streamlined process, we help pharmacies validate the quality of excellent care they provide, opening doors for participation in payor networks that require accreditation or credentialing.

KloudScript’s pharmacy partners provide care to patients locally, while KloudScript provides the necessary strategy, technology, training, tools, and services to successfully operate today’s complex pharmacy businesses. Our highly trained team, with over 20 years of experience, makes the accreditation preparation smooth by providing a four-phased approach to accreditation readiness for any pharmacy organization. Having access to KloudScript’s Hub Support Services allows the pharmacy to go beyond the first rejection message they receive when adjudicating a claim for a specialty medication at retail. Enrolling in our Prescriber Engagement Services will help increase your bottom line by generating interest in targeted prescribers.