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KloudScript provides comprehensive accreditation management services to independent pharmacies. We have valued partnerships with accreditation organizations to help our clients navigate the process of specialty and community accreditation. We designed our specialty program management services to cover end to end support for an organization embarking on an accreditation journey. You can choose from a do-it-yourself model and utilize our tools to prepare your organization. Additionally, you can get premium support for added guidance, utilization of our policy, and project management templates for a set price. You can also pick and choose the services based on your organization's needs.

KloudScript’s accreditation program management leadership has over 20 years of accreditation experience. Through an in-depth consultation with our team to understand your pharmacy services, we will guide you in choosing an accreditation organization that meets your accreditation or credentialing needs. Our highly trained team makes accreditation preparation smooth by providing a four-phased approach to accreditation readiness for your pharmacy organization! Our partners have also experienced shorter accreditation preparation time frames through the use of KloudScript’s accreditation expertise.

Validate your patient care management, meet payor credentialing or pharma criteria by pursuing accreditation today through KloudScript’s accreditation program management services!


ACHC®: Partnership Agreement

KloudScript partners receive preferred pricing on Pharmacy Accreditation services along with discounts on ACHCU educational resources. KloudScript’s Technology services have been reviewed by ACHC, which enables surveyors to have a familiarity with the KloudScript specialty care management process and services.

Specialty Pharmacy

NABP®Accredited Specialty Pharmacy

KloudScript’s specialty program, patient care management system, and processes have been granted specialty accreditation through NABP. KloudScript partners receive specialty accreditation price discounts and have access to bundle accreditation programs that best meet the needs of your pharmacy.

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